Character Design

I love drawing characters! Here is just some of my current and past work that I have created for book illustration or to sell on prints and cards.

Here is some of the concept art, line work and coloured illustration for the book Super Rabbit. I find it really important to get a feel for the character by working on a lot of pencil sketches first before making a start on the actual illustrations for the final book.

I am a huge movie fan so any chance to draw characters influenced by films I take! I find drawing these characters a great source of inspiration when working on my own designs to help strengthen character attributes and build worlds for them.

I also enjoy creating character work within my custom illustrations. I may never meet the people that I draw but I think it is important to add as much personality as possible to a personalised illustration to really bring it to life for the client.

More recently I have taken part in a yearly drawing challenge called Inktober which involves drawing every day during the month of October. It is a great opportunity to improve drawing skills as well as work on character design. One year I based my drawings around a fairy tale theme, and another year was a drawing centred on my daily activity.

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