School Visits/Workshops

In 2018 I teamed up with Nottinghamshire based Author and Patron of Reading Gareth Baker to take our love of Literacy and Art to schools!

Here we work with EYFS, KS1 and KS2, bringing stories to life and giving the children invaluable creative skills to help imagine their own worlds and design their own characters.

Examples of previous workshops include Gareth creating an original story with the kids; and myself illustrating the made-up-story for them to colour in. Whether that be drawing it on to a tepee, piece of card or large bed sheet; its great fun for the kids to get involved with.

Other workshops include character design; both writing about the character and drawing them, as well as assemblies where the kids create and act out a story with Gareth while I draw the main characters!

Visit Gareth’s website for more information on school visits or follow him on Twitter for updates on other workshops ad opportunities!

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