Greetings Cards

Who doesn’t love sending a beautifully designed greeting card to a loved one! That’s why I consider card design a really important part of my work. Selling them on a variety of websites and in shops has helped me to discover what is popular and on trend.

The recent opportunity to work with local Lincolnshire companies including Doddington hall, Stokes Coffee and the International Bomber Command Centre has been a wonderful experience. I love creating cards that incorporate bright, bold designs centred around the themes of architecture, animals and nature. All of my cards are created using traditional mediums and I think it is important you you can see that in the design.

I really enjoy tweaking and experimenting with style to see if I can add any new techniques to my permanent way of working. Recently my favourite medium has been using watercolour an fine liners, though as you can see from the cards I created for Stokes Coffee shop above, that was a combination of acrylic and coloured pencil.

I also really enjoy designing cards for online card distributors such as Thortful and Scribbler. To find my cards on Thortful visit and for Scribbler visit

My most recent collaboration was with the International Bomber Command in Lincoln; designing a pack of personalised Christmas cards from them.

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