School Visits

In 2018 I teamed up with Nottinghamshire based Author and Patron of Reading Gareth Baker and since then we have been taking our love of literacy and drawing to schools!

Together we work with EYFS, KS1 and KS2, bringing stories to life and giving the children invaluable creative skills to help imagine their own worlds and design their own characters.

Examples of previous workshops include:

  • Gareth creating an original story with the kids; whilst I illustrate the story for them to colour in. Whether that be drawing it on to a tepee, piece of card or large bed sheet; its great fun for the kids to get involved with.
  • Gareth working with the children to find out the importance of reading, his methods of writing, and how to be a writer, while I design an illustration with the children in for the school to keep.
  • Gareth creating an original story with the children using props they can pick themselves to make the story their own, and acting it out, while I create a comic book of the story for the school to keep and use as colouring if they wish.
  • Using The Kinmaran Chronicles for children to create their own race and character; writing about the character with Gareth, and drawing the character with me.
  • Using the Super Rabbit book to teach the basics of what makes a super hero with Gareth, and how to draw Super Rabbit and tweak the basics of drawing to make it a different animal.
  • Discussing together how myself and Gareth create our book covers, and then with myself creating a design for their cover, and with Gareth a title and blub for their book.

These are just some of the workshops we have done so far, but as the amount of books we work on together increases, so will the variety of workshops we can offer. If you are interested in one of the workshops or one of the books myself and Gareth have collaborated on, do get in contact!

Visit Gareth’s website for more information on school visits or follow him on Twitter for updates on other workshops ad opportunities!


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